Flawlessly Fit(ish)

About Me

Hi, I'm Alicia!

I am a mom, nurse, and health coach with over 17 years of experience in the health and wellness field. Inspired by my own health journey and my commitment to caring for others, I have made it my mission to support and encourage moms to prioritize themselves by practicing self-care and wellness.  2 years ago I found myself at my highest weight ever – (I had all of my pregnancy weights), and I was on 6 different medications.  I felt awful.

I had to do something.  I worked on my mindset, focused on my faith, and started making changes.  Those changes allowed me to lose 60 pounds, and get off ALL of my medications.

Throughout my career, I have seen firsthand the challenges that many women, especially moms, face when trying to balance the demands of family, work, and personal health.  I’ve found that many women (myself included) always manage be at the very end of their to-do lists.  I want to change that.

Through my podcast, Flawlessly Fit-ish, and my one-on-one coaching, I hope to inspire and guide moms on their path to a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life.

How can I help and encourage you?

I understand that every mom’s journey is unique, and I am passionate about providing personalized guidance that fits into busy your lifestyles. I believe that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity, and I support and encourage women to make time for themselves amidst their hectic schedules.  You deserve to be on your list of things and people that get taken care of! Through my coaching, I offer a supportive and non-judgmental space where moms can explore their health goals, overcome obstacles, and celebrate their progress.

In addition to my professional expertise, my personal experience as a mom enriches my coaching approach.  I’ve been through some things!  Your mental, emotional , spiritual, and physical wellbeing all work together. We will tackle it all – TOGETHER! I know the struggles of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing the responsibilities of motherhood. 

Here are 10 quick things about me:​

  1. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that anyone who reads and obeys His words found in the Bible can have a confident hope in Heaven.
  2. I have four amazing kids ranging from 19 -8.  Trust me – I understand busy!! 
  3. I LOVE to garden.  It gets bigger each and every year.
  4. I’ve been a doula for as long as I’ve been a nurse!  I don’t see clients anymore but I absolutely loved it!
  5. Strength training is MY FAVORITE way to work out although the gym is not my favorite place.  
  6. I love to teach.  I’ve been teaching in some capacity for years.  Whether it’s Sunday school,  health classes to students ( I was a school nurse), or teaching kids about social and emotional wellness which I do now on a part-time basis.
  7. Legos are one of my favorite ways to relieve stress – especially now that my kids are older!
  8. I love grape flavored candy!  So much so, that my kids always save theirs for me..  they’re so sweet!
  9. If I can find a way to DIY it, I probably will.  I love creating things and saving money.
  10. I have a beautiful and very old ragdoll cat…Savannah
"I've been taking Kelcey's spin class ever since she started teaching at the Y and I love it! She makes a point to learn everyone's name and makes you feel welcome. She has also been extremely helpful, encouraging, and motivating throughout my own adventure of becoming a spin instructor."
Elementary School Counselor and
Certified Cycling Instructor
"Although, she may be young to some, so many look up to her for wisdom and guidance. While all her days may not be filled with rainbows and sparkles, she enjoys each day with grace and gratitude. She’s your happy and content wife, mommy, and homemaker who finds the time for exercise too."
Homeschooler and mom of 2
"Kelcey is a true Proverbs 31 woman. She is a loving wife and mother, faithful friend, keeps a spotless home, teaches spin classes, blogs, paints, and does probably a million more little tasks with grace, humility, and a little bit of silliness."
Licensed Counselor and mom of 2