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Fun places to go with your mom this summer

Budget-Friendly and Fun Places To Go With Your Mom This Summer

Having a list of fun places to go with your mom (or with your kids if you are “mom”) is something I like to keep for our free time in the summer. I’m a big believer in not over-scheduling our kids and making sure they have free time at home – even if sometimes it’s…

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Monthly Meal Plan

How to Quickly Make a Monthly Meal Plan in 5 Painless Steps

Does the thought of taking the time to make a monthly meal plan make you cringe? Me too! It used to give me anxiety, but not anymore. As we’ll see, making a monthly meal plan does not have to take hours of tedious work and scheduling. Once I give myself the time to actually sit…

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Budget-Friendly Momcation

15 Simple Tips For a Budget-Friendly Momcation That Actually Work!

Mama, do you need a break? Me too. And I’m not talking about a hot shower by yourself, even though that is nice. I mean a real break. Let me introduce you to a “momcation.” Even better – let’s get you scheduled for a budget-friendly momcation! A momcation doesn’t have to be extravagant, it doesn’t even have…

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