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Meet the New Owner: Alicia – Bringing Fresh Health and Wellness Insights for Moms in Every Stage of Motherhood

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 Flawlessly Fit-ish has a brand new owner and I couldn’t be more excited!

Hello, wonderful moms! I’m Alicia, the new owner of Flawlessly Fit-ish, and I’m so excited to be on this journey with you, as a fellow mom passionate about health and wellness – ( so much so, that I’ve made it my career)!  I’m here to introduce myself and my vision for this amazing blog. Get ready for fresh insights, new services, and a renewed commitment to supporting your journey towards a healthier, happier you. Let’s dive into what’s in store!

A little about me…

I wouldn’t say I’m your typical health enthusiast.  I’m not as tone or fit as I’d like sometimes but I am definitely healthier than I’ve ever been. As my 8 year old affectionately reminds me “mommy you’re so soft in the middle”! (Kids are awesome) I’m just a typical mom of four who is not nearly as organized as I like.  I’ve been a nurse and doula for over 17 years and have fought to embrace what real health looks and feels like in light of the false images and expectations we see on TV and on social media.  

I realized health is more than a number on a scale and It’s more than the number in my jeans.  I stopped looking to the scale to tell me if I was on the right track and started listening to my body.  I learned that perfection isn’t required – it’s not even attainable!  I embraced persistence and consistency and it’s made all the difference. 

Did you know that I was once on 6 different medications?  Now I’m on none!

I have some super exciting things planned for the blog.

  • Flawlessly Fit-ish The podcast is coming!  If you are anything like me a good podcast episode can make after-dinner cleanup all the more bearable!  Soon you’ll be able to learn about some health and wellness topics while you do your daily chores.
  • Health Coaching – I will be offering personal and group coaching really soon!  Whether you are looking for support regarding chronic health conditions, pregnancy, postpartum or general health or fitness I’ve got your back!
  • Digital Shop coming! If a DIY approach is more your speed I’ll be adding a shop with links to my meal and fitness plans.  Sometimes all we need is someone to point us in the right direction.

Are you excited yet?! 

I hope so.  I can’t wait to get started! I am beyond thrilled to embark on this new chapter with Flawlessly Fit-ish and all of you incredible moms. My journey has taught me that health and wellness are achievable for every mom, regardless of the stage of motherhood. Together, we will redefine what it means to be healthy, focusing on progress, persistence, and the joy of small victories.

Stay tuned for our upcoming podcast, where we’ll dive into a wide range of health and wellness topics, perfect for those busy moments in your day. Keep an eye out for the launch of our health coaching services, where I’ll offer personalized support to help you navigate your unique health journey. And for those who love a DIY approach, our digital shop will soon be stocked with resources to guide you on your path.

Thank you for welcoming me into this amazing community. I’m here to support, inspire, and grow with you as we all strive to be Flawlessly Fit-ish. Let’s do this together, celebrating each step towards a healthier, happier life.

With heartfelt excitement and gratitude,


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