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After a little time off from writing, I’m excited to be partnering with Elite Sports!

Because Elite Sports was previously unfamiliar to me, I did a little research before agreeing to collaborate. Their products were all reasonably priced, but even more impressive to me was that nearly all had 4.5 stars on Amazon! Seriously, that’s so rare to achieve.

The California-based company specializes in MMA and martial-arts style fight wear, but I was surprised to learn that they also carry a variety of quality products for a more broad gym use.

I also learned that they’ve been serving their clients unique and quality products for nearly a decade – so they have experience and an understanding of the customer’s needs.

I spent a few minutes familiarizing myself with various aspects of martial arts disciplines and quickly saw how critical a quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi (known as a kimono in judo) is in training. Ideally, you want your gi to feel like it was made for you, to allow full range of motion and feel confident facing opponents.

The martial arts world is new to me (besides a few at-home shadow boxing classes I’ve taken), but one thing I can always get behind and love buying are athletic clothes! Athleisure for the win, am I right? Born Tough, Elite Sports’ sister company, focuses on gym apparel and accessories. I know their best-selling workout shorts are marketed for men, but as a tall (nearly 6 ft) woman, I would totally wear them! Plus, they have multiple camo patterns and designs which was appealing to me…I can’t resist camo.

Elite Sports pride themselves on attention to detail and design, striving to create durable products so that their customers can totally immerse themselves in their training without having to worry about their equipment. They also offer a warranty on their products, which is pretty uncommon for the field.

As a busy mom on-the-go having functional, quality products is important to me, so I’m really looking forward to trying Elite Sport’s convertible gym bag.

Be on the look out for my full review!